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I need help

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bocyaj    9

Hi @Ly5

Looks like your wallet is in sync, you are running the latest version and staking is enabled.  Good job !


All looks fine and don't think you have a problem.

Not sure how this article will get translated for you, but it should help you understand how staking works.



With 65 NAV, It will take a long time before you get a stake.  anywhere from 30 days to 2 years.  Average time would be about 150 days.

On average, 1000 NAV will stake once a week, but could happen between 1 - 35 days.

Staking by nature is very speratic, so reward intervals can vary quite a bit.




Note: (you have a capital 'G' in your command)

Getstakinginfo    <-- is wrong

getstakinginfo     <-- is right.

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Ly5    0


Please forgive me for using software translator to chat with you


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