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Investing and diversification

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trackmaster    3

To start this topic off right, I wanted to post a link for review: http://www.usdebtclock.org/   Please also click on the tab for World Debt Clocks.

  I am speaking only for myself and surely many who have invested in the Crypto markets that we all see a problem. For many years now, I have

invested in numerous commodities and specifically stock up on Gold, Silver, rare coins, etc... as a safe haven or hedge against currency collapse and

inflation. My guess is a lot of Crypto investors do the same or at least see the benefits of diversification.


Some of the best advice financially that I have ever received came from the most unexpected sources. After years of toiling away with financial brokers, IRAs and

401k plans that were doing less for me than my early involvement in Bitcoin years ago. I feel fortunate that after years of isolation devoted to a cross the board strategy

investing in numerous markets along with having great luck on some early Crypto purchases, the need for brokers or retirement savings accounts was not a necessity

any longer. MY GOAL here is to see if anyone shares these interests or has advice for others to help them succeed in life financially. Passing along information to each

other on how to best buy gold, silver, rare coins or numerous other investing options. I will share a few pictures from my collection and hope to use this topic as a source

of good information we can share ideas that become profitable for all in our NAV community.


 In my pictures you will see my dedication to collecting (or obsession) U.S. Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars and Trade Dollars. I find the history or research involved in collecting

consumes my attention as much as studying Bitcoin markets. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions along the way.





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Mogrith    6

I have a small amount of Gold and Silver Bought with bitcoin from amagi metals. I've been buying different silver rounds. Proof quality but not collectables. worth basically the Silver market price.

If the zombie apocalypse happens and paper money is no good, I don't think collectable coins would be worth more than the metal content. 

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trackmaster    3

I definitely am big on holding silver whether coins, rounds or bars. My interest in the rare gold and

silver coins took off after a pretty amazing purchases at an auction years ago.

Bitcoin news updates:

 I do not have much time as my business demands  too much attention. The morning coffee (3 am)

start the day research, especially on the weekends, reviewing current headlines. In Crypto News I am

Keeping an eye on the calendar and Bitcoin price volatility.

The PBOC steps in to the news: http://bravenewcoin.com/news/bitcoin-price-analysis-pboc-continues-to-sway-markets/

2 of China's largest exchanges stop withdrawals for 1 month. Could be a coincidence that the Winklevoss ETF which now

has over $ 100 million is expecting the SEC decision by March 11th. Another wild swing would be on the horizon and if

the ETF is given a green light. Price drops in the low $ 900 ranges and I am buying again slowly. Much profit in confusion!

***Yes, I am still buying NAV. Check the NAV 1 year and all time tabs: https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/navcoin


Gold Updates: New year, new president and surging dollar causing minor drops in price, but support is very strong at $ 1,200. As

we all know it only takes a little bad news to bring on the panic buys again. China is balancing it's debt intake, but as we can all see

the world debt is now pushing past the $ 217 trillion dollar mark. This is almost unimaginable and yet as debt rates surge monthly, most

people have just gone numb to accepting this as a normal trend. Gold will rise this year and the upward trend with periodic spikes continues.

At 9:54 a.m. EST, 3,927 April gold futures contract (paper gold) was dropped on the Comex.

Prior to this, the the average number of contracts per minute since the Comex had opened was under 500 contracts. This is 11.1 tonnes of paper gold which hit the Comex trading floor and electronic trading system in a 60 second window.  It represents approximately 30% of the total amount of gold the Comex vault operators are reporting to be available for delivery under Comex contracts – dumped in paper form in 1 minute. (REPEAT, 1 minute)

This reeks of fear.  The western Central Banks have grossly underestimated the eastern hemisphere’s appetite for physically deliverable gold.  Despite an attempt by the BIS to mute India’s demand by restricting the availability of cash in India’s banking system, India’s current demand is robust and will likely increase as Indian’s now have cause to fear the Indian Government’s war on cash.

In addition, China’s demand for gold seems to be accelerating.  Based on Swiss export numbers, 158 tonnes of gold was shipped to China in December.  Far higher than the numbers presented by “official” organizations tracking gold flows.  

Silver Updates:

Yes, watching silver prices can be as fun as watching paint dry. Everyone continues to insist that the future is bright. I do agree with this sentiment and buy silver weekly, itis just like eating or drinking water though at this point. Years ago I felt the same way when gold held in the $200-300 range (wow am I old). Silver is just a cheap way to compliment the total investment nest egg, at least for now. I mostly deal with large sellers such as Great Southern Coins, but am very cautious on just general buys on eBay or Amazon due to counterfeiting which is increasingly difficult to identify. This includes all types of precious metals and even gold/silver bars. I have seen an increase in counterfeit silver and gold bars over the past few month's mostly identified as PERTH mint (gold 1 oz. bars). Do some research and buy from a reputable dealer.

Best of luck and have a profitable week. If anyone has suggestions for investments to include, please pass them along. I am starting with a focus on only a few investment

items now.

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