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NAVpay Wallet Missing Funds

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I have been using my Navpay Wallet to send funds and up to now it has been great!!  Today when logging in, my wallet was giving me a message that it needed to be "regenerated" (not exact wording) so I clicked the button. After it refreshed it is show zero funds. The transaction history is also missing transactions. 


I tried adding the wallet back using the key but it said the wallet already exists. 


Looking for some help here!

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bocyaj    7

Hi Penguin_pirate,

it is probably best to post issues for the NavPay beta in the appropriate Discord channel #navpay-public-beta .

They were working on the back end of the wallet around the time you posted this, so is most likely the cause of your issue.  I will confirm if the wallet server is back online and get back to you.



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