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Francois Leroux

Missing coin

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I purchased nav coin today and set-up my nav wallet on my pc (window). I haven't received my coin yet. How long does it usually take? Here is my receiving address NMGMA3DBmhR7Ra65a42SrTNkwxaMh9H8SK

Please keep me posted.


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bocyaj    5

Hi Francois,

Your coins made it the address you posted as shown here on the block explorer:


So your coins made it to their destination.  The most likely cause is that your wallet is not in sync, the syncing process can take up to 3 hours to complete as it is downloading the entire block chain (currently over 1.5M blocks).  Future syncs will be much quicker since your wallet will only have to sync up from the last time it was running.

I assume your wallet is now in sync and you can see your coins.  If not, please explain what you have done and we will help get your wallet in sync.



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