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Staking is not working?

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kamberman    0


I use the NavCoin Core v4.0.4.0-91891f9-dirty(64-bit) and I have transferred there my nav coins (a total of 300.6 coins). 

The problem is that almost a month has passed and I still have not managed to stake any rewards! The expected day count for staking changes all the time but no reward is ever actually earned.

Is this a normal situation after all that time, or is there something wrong? When (approximately) will I be able to stake some rewards? I read that there is a 5% annual return, but shouldn't that percentage be somehow divided during the year? 

As you may see in the screenshot, the wallet is encrypted, but I leave it unlocked and running all day on my pc, of course with the staking feature turned on. I even tried to turn staking off and back on; I tried closing the nav core and turning it back on (unlocking the wallet) and still no staking is ever happening.

Please help because I'm starting to lose faith in the nav staking system....




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ttefabbob    0

Same here... I have not staked at all and it tells me that my time is like 4 or 5 days. I have turned staking off and restarted the wallet and started staking again to no avail.... 

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bocyaj    2

The estimated time to stake is a loosely based calculation, it is not guaranteed or even accurate when looked at in a small time-frame.  It is more of an average expected staking period over a long period of time, it could take 5 times longer to stake or only 1/5th the time.  But in the long run it will average out.  Here is a link with a more detailed explanation:


For a deep dive into how staking works, I suggest the following article:


If you still think there are issues, let me know and we can dig deeper.



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