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New Wallet and Transfer

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I downloaded and installed a new wallet on my windows machine. It is showing that the wallet is syncing, and is behind by a year and 8 weeks. 

I transferred some coin to the "Receive address" from Bittrex, Its been an hour but they are not showing yet. On Bittrex its showing the the transaction is complete. Please let me know what is estimated transfer time in this case. Also, how much resources will my machine take for participation in staking.



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I have installed my wallet version in 23 march 2017

First of all synchronization with network takes one day and it was finished 24 march 2017

I have made wallet backup in in *.dat file

Than I put there around 30k coins.

Staking started automatically.

I have made once again backup of my wallet.

All the time computer with this wallet was turned on and connected to the internet and was all the time staking, some extra coins appears in this wallet.

I had to move all of those coins to2 different bittrex wallets and 4 transfers.


I've checked the confirmation and everything was ok in it. Unfortunatelly none of those transfers were delivered in those 2 wallets but coins disappeared from my navcoin wallet on my computer.


I tried contact to you many times but I received no response.

So I turned off my computer with my navcoin wallet installed on it and I tried find solution on navcoin forums. And I find one.

A few days ago I have installed new wallet version 4.0.4

I wait for synchronization and when it was complete I was very shocked of what I saw. My transaction was cancelled (there was X sign in the left), but there was successful transfer to account that wasn't mine - all of my coins were missing, AND IT WAS SEND IN JULY WHEN MY COMPUTER WAS TURNED OFF.

Address where my coins were transferred: Ng26K75bdm382mN5G8ynkMv93kZew6jsHs

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