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Electrum NAV 3.6.0

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Blocker    0

Hi :)

I am a NOOB with very limited understanding of IT stuff can somebody PLEASE help me?

I sent 2 transfers from Bittrex to my Electrum Wallet.  

The 1st was a tester on 08/20/2017 NAV 0.80000000 Completed
The 2nd was the balance 08/20/2017 NAV 998.80000000 Completed

I am looking in my Electrum wallet now & they are showing Not Verified?

I downloaded NavCoin Core - Wallet (Qt version 5.7.1)

I then tried to open my Nav Wallet.dat file but unsuccesful also tried repair wallet

I then tried sending .900 Nav from Electrum wallet to NavCoin Core wallet?

I have my Seed phrase.

Kind Regards 

Stephen :) 


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Matt    1

Hi Blocker,

There is a bug with the Electrum wallet in which it will show transaction times as "Not Verified". Just ignore this.


Kind Regards,

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