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Staking stopped working? READ THIS

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bocyaj    5

Hi All,

There have been a number of users having issues with staking lately, myself included.  There is a known bug in the latest 4.0.3 release which is already fixed in the upcoming 4.0.4 release.  But until the new wallet is released, here are some instructions to get you staking again.

Step 1: Do the regular checks to make sure staking is setup correctly. Verify you are in sync, verify you have mature coins, verify you have staking turned on and if you have a passphrase on your wallet, make sure it is unlocked for staking.  If all is good, you should have a message like the following on your main tab of wallet "Expected time to earn reward is X minutes/hours".

Step 2: From your Wallet; click 'Settings -> Turn off staking' , click 'yes' in the pop-up window. ( this will cause your wallet to shutdown )

Step 3: Re-launch your Nav Coin wallet, then click 'Settings -> Turn on staking', then click 'yes' in the pop-up window. ( this will shutdown your wallet again)

Step 4: Re-launch your wallet and click 'Settings -> unlock your wallet for staking only'.

All should be good now and you should see your wallet staking in due time.  Regardless of how long your wallet has not staked for, your rewards will catch up and your next bunch of staked blocks will have a higher average amount than you're used too.

NOTE: keep a closer eye on staking till the new wallet is released as this can happen every so often.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but rest assured this issue has been resolved and when the new wallet version is released, you will no longer have to do this work around.

Long live Nav Coin !!!

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