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NAV needs more attention from the developers, I have been screwed 3 times by Coinbase when trying to buy btc to invest in other coins, Coinbase is taking 5 days to enable your purchase btc funds in your coinbase address. At the time of purchase NAv had dipped to 0.00011 by the time funds were available it was already to late. These are some examples that are present with NAV and need to  be addressed.

StakePi issues. I set it up over a month ago and I still have not received the promised 5% interest. Everytime I send funds to my Stakebox the amount of days for staking increases.

Nav store. Just like i mentioned earlier if I would've had another alernative I would have more Navs in my stakebox, visiing the NAV store is a pain in the ass and it hardly works, it is very important for this particular issue to be resolved since Coinbase has become unreliable and very expensive, we need other means to transact nav. Changely hardly works.


Thank you!

Stake issues.png

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Hi Hermis,

Unfortunately we have no control over coinbase. If that is your preferred method for purchasing BTC, then please raise a support ticket with their staff. Otherwise, try a different BTC exchange.

We are not selling coin bundles through the store at this point. Changelly is the preferred method if you wish to buy with Credit Card. If you have problems with their service, again, please raise a support ticket with their staff.

I am in the process of migrating the store to the new webhost. Our previous provider's service has rapidly gone down hill over the last few weeks.

Is your staking device online and unlocked for staking? Perhaps you need to reset the device. Try to turn it off and back on again.

When you turn the device on, make sure you remember to unlock it for staking again. If a wallet is password protected, whenever a wallet starts it is locked by default. The web interface can report incorrectly that the wallet is unlocked for staking because the file it uses to store the wallet state doesnt get updated if your device restarts while unlocked, only when you perform an action like lock, or unlock.

By your screen shot, i would say this is what is happening. Please unlock your wallet for staking every time you turn it on.



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