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5-13-17 Investing Updates

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5/13/17 – PM report – We have a lot to review. I apologize for my dereliction of duty the past few weeks, but business and travel is keeping me away. On my way to the airport shortly and not flying United or    GOOD LUCK to you all.

Weekly Summary:   This week’s crypto predictions will be at the end of this report.

*Bitcoin price holding around $ 1,700. November 18th meeting to start Segwit vote. Transaction time issues getting worse. This will eventually cause a severe pull back down soon. There is just no avoiding this issue unfortunately and we will never reach a consensus.

*NAV on a temporary retreat coming off another price surge. Price still one of the best buys in the market though.

*Poloniex order delays and lag times now reached critical condition. Bittrex volumes continue to rise due to polo problems.

*Fed rate hike of ¼ point still looming. This hike should be within 30 days and will force the markets lower and debt interest up.

*First quarter economic date does not support a fed rate increase, but the jobs report will force an overly generous expectation.

*Traveling to the West coast today. We are finalizing another investing group with a 300 btc reserve. Over half are new to crypto.

*Long overdue review of our look at world debt. See the tabs for state and world debt clocks please:

*After reviewing world debt, focus on public and external debt to GDP ratios, btw Japan is now using bitcoin much more than expected.

*Australia will now recognize and protect btc. Anyone who says it is too late to buy in must be crazy. Buy now and buy tomorrow!


Ok, I am ready and you’re ready so let’s get busy!


New York Spot Price


Market Alerts
























































Gold:  Admittedly gold has been pushed lower in the US due to paper gold popularity. The gold volumes have only dropped in the US which is at a very low level currently. Amazing to see gold supplies being sold by US investors to the East with India and China buying it up at a record pace. The American investor is now selling their physical gold insurance away which has me questioning the intellectual qualities of America at this point. Yes, I believe this wealth transfer will continue to the East. Stay away from paper gold for heaven’s sake…..Gold is your insurance and financial security from the fiat fallout that looms around every corner. History teaches us nothing, stupidity is on the rise and this millennial generation is a lost cause. I am ready to just give up on them! 

Silver: You just cannot have enough silver in your portfolio now. We have a growing need accumulating and is not going away. Getting rich on silver may not be realistic, but you will damn sure love the profits a few years from now and enjoy added protection from D day (debt overload) which is at the tipping point for many countries today.


Most Americans didn’t realize it, but something BIG changed in the U.S. gold market in the beginning of 2017.  While precious metals sentiment and buying in the U.S. has dropped off considerably in the first quarter of 2017, the East continues to acquire gold, HAND OVER FIST.

How much gold?  Well, let’s just say…. U.S. gold exports have nearly doubled during JAN-FEB 2017 versus the same period last year:

Total U.S. gold exports JAN-FEB 2017 surged to 101 metric tons (mt), compared to 56.5 mt last year.  This is quite interesting because total U.S. gold mine supply plus gold imports for JAN-FEB 2017 only equaled 80 mt.  Thus, the U.S. suffered a 21 mt gold supply deficit in the first two months of the year.  Which means, someone had to liquidate an additional 21 mt of gold from their vaults to export to the East….. Where they still understand the vital role of gold as REAL MONEY.

And where did the majority of U.S. gold exports head to?  You got it….. Hong Kong-China & India:



Of the 101 mt of U.S. gold exports JAN-FEB 2017, Hong Kong-China and India received 61.8 mt, or nearly two-thirds of the total.  Switzerland received 28 mt, U.K. imported 5.6 mt and the U.A.E. acquired 3.3 mt.  The remaining 2.3 mt went to various countries such as, Germany, Canada and Mexico.

What is also quite interesting, is that the majority of the year-over-year increase went to Hong Kong-China and India.  U.S. gold exports to Hong Kong-China and India doubled from 31 mt during JAN-FEB 2016 to 61.8 mt JAN-FEB 2017.

What does this all mean?  It means, as U.S. precious metals investors continue to BICKER, COMPLAIN, BELLY-ACHE and WHINE about the low gold price, the Chinese and Indians smile as they continue to exchange increasing worthless fiat money for the shiny yellow metal.Matter-a-fact, I have heard from several sources that many precious metals investors in the U.S. are selling gold into the market.  This has to be one of the STUPIDEST things to do.  Of course, if a person needs to sell gold to purchase something or pay bills… that is understandable.  But, to sell gold because of low market sentiment, goes against all sound reasoning and logic to own gold. People need to realize the U.S. and global financial and economic system are in the BIGGEST BUBBLE in history. Please read the last sentence again!!! I cannot help the uniformed and under educated.


                        THIS WEEKS CRYPO --- speculation: Again, please do your own research. Invest wisely and be patient.         


               BTC – Prices above $ 1,700. Billions of dollars still flowing into btc each month. Growth continues. Drop pending before new high surge.

NAV – Trending up for 10 weeks straight with small profit taking along the way. One of the best values in crypto. Marketing is key now!

LTC – $ 27.45 some on my trading teams believe $ 100 - $ 200 is possible. Small investors need to limit buys into this, price is dropping.

TRST – Currently $ 0.16 and I like it at .15 or lower. I have a large order in, but others see the same thing as I do….

ARK – Currently $ 0.24 and I have been out of it for over 2 weeks. Excellent buy at .20 or lower. It may start to rise before you get there.

BTS – Currently $0.04 (2037) Can it drop lower yes, but it will double if not triple in price overall. Buy in not much lower than this.

GNT – Currently $ 0.21 bouncing between 12000-13000. A good buy below 12000.

ETH – Currently $ 86.15. We have all made profits from ETH. Keep some in your wallet and buy on drops of -10%. This is your nest egg.

Dash – Currently $85.37. Bouncing around for a week. Small investors should put their money into better assets.

XRP – Currently $ 0.20 (11950) Getting awesome hype. Foundation is to lock in supply in June finally. Stop manipulation and get support!

VIA – Currently $0.38 and on a good run. Get some VIA if you can below .24 and hold on.


Chances are:

BTC will continue trending up this year to at least $ 1,500 or higher by years end. (Yes that was my previous prediction) Will hit $ 2000+

Pump is overdue for the following: NXT, Whitecoin, Syndicated and Pot. Doge having big spikes 20-25% worth some attention.


On the Watch for:

  1. Maid – Still undervalued. Getting good volumes and just needs a small break to catch fire.

  2. Poloniex – I left you for Bittrex, many others will to. Holding up 60 btc cost me dearly.

  3. Digibyte – Stealing it if you can buy into the low 90 range.

  4. NAV – After a very good run you will see a sell off from the late buyers into the rise. Price will fall so be ready to buy.

Do not chase the hype. Stay disciplined and focus on quality/value over fast profits!


As always feel free to comment on any topic or request additional markets to add for the discussion. Investing is an art form to me. A good plan, research and timing will increase your chances of success. No troll box investment tips could replace this formula. Remember charts don’t lie, people do. Thank you and have a profitable week!





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