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SegWit Update, New Full Time Staff, Polymorph Underway

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Craig    106

This week has been very busy for the Nav Coin team. We have made some big steps toward increasing our productivity and expanding the team. The support ticket system from last week has shown a marked improvement in efficiency of responses and our SegWit vote has entered its second voting period.

Our first period of SegWit voting closed without successfully locking in SegWit. This was unsurprising given the slow start to voting due to the teething issues we experienced at the beginning of last week. Period two is now over 50% of the way to confirming SegWit lock in with plenty of time to go before it closes. The current votes are showing 97.8% YES in the last 800 blocks, making lock in during this period a near certainty.


We have opened our first official office space here in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a modest start with two full time desks and a hot desk for our part time and casual staff. Largely this space is for our Auckland based Development Team to collaborate on our upcoming projects.


We have hired our first full time Junior Developer Matt Paul to join Craig MacGregor as our second full time staff member. Matt’s role is to build the front end interface for NavTech Polymorph as well as provide support on projects for our senior developers; Craig, Alex & Victor.


With the addition of Matt to the team, we have kicked off the NavTech Polymorph project and moved it from Pending to In Progress. You can track its overall progress on our Project Roadmap page or at a more granular level on our github page.



We have moved all our Github repositories from the navcoindev account to be part of the NAVCoin organisation. This allows our devs to more easily create and collaborate on projects instead of having them run through an individual account. You can see all the things we are developing on our organisation’s page.


We are diving into the Nav Pi 2.0 build this weekend with Victor hotdesking in the office to lay the foundations with Craig & Paul. More on that next week.

Craig’s function in the short term will be to focus more on planning and mentoring than development as he scaffolds out the Polymorph & NavPi 2.0 projects for Matt & Victor. Once we have enough planning headroom on those projects, Craig will return his focus to rebuilding the subchain to allow for smart contracts and eventually the ADapp platform.

Alex has finished an updated version of Nav Coin Core (v4.0.3) which is now available for download. The new version simply adds some extra information about the voting statistics to the SegWit data retrieved by the getblockchaininfo command. This is not a vital update and is only necessary to download if you want to monitor the SegWit vote through your own client.


Guy has sourced and ordered the necessary parts to build and ship pre-built, Nav Coin branded NavPi StakeBox units. When we receive confirmation of the arrival date, we will be opening pre-orders on the Nav Coin store. We are aiming to provide these at a competitive rate and by pre-installing the software, we will make it even easier for people earn Nav Coin rewards.


As you can see, the team working hard and we are setting the stage to hit the accelerator. We look forward to ramping up our progress over the coming weeks as we settle into the new office space and productivity processes.

If you want to be the first to hear all the latest Nav Coin News, sign up to our mailing list!


Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team.

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Can we keep the account with CryptoID active? They are reporting that hosting will expire soon. I enjoy the features including the Rich List and it really motivates to add to my position in NAV. Thanks!

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I have installed my wallet version in 23 march 2017

First of all synchronization with network takes one day and it was finished 24 march 2017

I have made wallet backup in in *.dat file

Than I put there around 30k coins.

Staking started automatically.

I have made once again backup of my wallet.

All the time computer with this wallet was turned on and connected to the internet and was all the time staking, some extra coins appears in this wallet.

I had to move all of those coins to2 different bittrex wallets and 4 transfers.


I've checked the confirmation and everything was ok in it. Unfortunatelly none of those transfers were delivered in those 2 wallets but coins disappeared from my navcoin wallet on my computer.


I tried contact to you many times but I received no response.

So I turned off my computer with my navcoin wallet installed on it and I tried find solution on navcoin forums. And I find one.

A few days ago I have installed new wallet version 4.0.4

I wait for synchronization and when it was complete I was very shocked of what I saw. My transaction was cancelled (there was X sign in the left), but there was successful transfer to account that wasn't mine - all of my coins were missing, AND IT WAS SEND IN JULY WHEN MY COMPUTER WAS TURNED OFF.

Address where my coins were transferred: Ng26K75bdm382mN5G8ynkMv93kZew6jsHs

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