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I have over 10,000 nav coin and have been staking for about 6 days.   For the first 3 days i received no payouts.   I turned my computer on for 24/7 mode and after 1 day I received a payout of a little over 4 NAVCOIN for staking.

I have not received another payout since.

Is that a normal rate of return on staking?  How many coins do you have to hold in a staking wallet to get a more consistent payout?

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That is a complex question as it depends on difficulty which in turn is based partially on total of coins staked.

See!extraction      for info on how many coins are staking ~27Mil are staking right now.

Before the segwit voting started I had a 5000 Nav wallet that staked about 1 day. it now has ~9500 now last stake was 5/4 and it was an orphan.

So I think it is there are a lot more coins staking now we each stake less often but get more coin per stake.


A 100k wallet is staking every 2-8 hours and that is still pretty inconsistent.  Wish I had a 1000000 wallet to tell you about.


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