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  1. After been staking for 90 days i have only staked 3 times for a total of 3.8 coins out of 2000, that is very disappointing considering we were supposed to get 5% of whatever amound we are holding, 3.8 out of 2000 does not seen to me like the promised 5% now the wallet does not stake at all.
  2. Not quite true, i Have 2000 coins and been staking for about 3 months now in that amount of time I have only staked 3 times for a total of 3.8 nav. Very disappointing considering we were promised 5% return now the wallet is not staking anymore it just sits at 0 minutes stake time and the status does not change. I have tried everything from updating the wallet to frequently refreshe it.
  3. NAV needs more attention from the developers, I have been screwed 3 times by Coinbase when trying to buy btc to invest in other coins, Coinbase is taking 5 days to enable your purchase btc funds in your coinbase address. At the time of purchase NAv had dipped to 0.00011 by the time funds were available it was already to late. These are some examples that are present with NAV and need to be addressed. StakePi issues. I set it up over a month ago and I still have not received the promised 5% interest. Everytime I send funds to my Stakebox the amount of days for staking increases. Nav store. Just like i mentioned earlier if I would've had another alernative I would have more Navs in my stakebox, visiing the NAV store is a pain in the ass and it hardly works, it is very important for this particular issue to be resolved since Coinbase has become unreliable and very expensive, we need other means to transact nav. Changely hardly works. Thank you!
  4. Greetings, I have brought up the fact that I am in search of 100 NAV that i have lost after sending it to my Stakebox. The transaction cleared on the blockchain, but the funds never arrived to their destination. I am here asking the Navtech suport team to refund me out of goodwill. And along with this request i have attached proof of my support to the Nav community. That is why I believe whomever reads this from the tech support will honor my request. NAV address: NRqcVH1TreQL5EdYjwZanFWsneuPgGKpQp V/R Hermis Lost NAV coins.txt
  5. Hi, my name is Hermis I am a NAV supporter, Iam seeking help in retrieving some lost funds while attenpting to transfer them to my stakebox. If possible I would like to get them back or get refunded. Thank you!missing NAV funds.txt
  6. HI, I have been in contact with your team fro many days now, I am trying to recover 100 NAV that I sent to my stakebox, the transaction cleared and the blockchain does show it worked. but on my stakebox those funds are missing. I would like to get them back, please! Here is my wallet address: NLP3Lx3Z5tGmLe9SqLuTiVVB1LEcETJDZm missing NAV funds.txt
  7. I managed to figure out what the problem was, It appears that there some issues with the Date and Time of the Raspberry Pi when connected through built-in Wi-Fi After I plugged it in with the ethernet cable all issues with the Stake box ceased. It is strange, it only happens with the built-in Wi-Fi connection if you use a dongle it runs fine.
  8. How should I update Navpi?
  9. It's been stuck here since I installed it. The network is currently on block 923204.
  10. No it's not going up. and it has been like that for the past 4 days.
  11. How do I update the NavPi? What are the commands?
  12. How do I update, I tried through the browser to no avail.
  13. Sure no problem. Navcoin TX ID's.txt
  14. I'm coming up on my 4th day messing with the Stakebox UI I had 5 attemps at sending funds to it to get starting stakeying. But to no avail. The sent funds just never arrived at the selected address from the Stakebox. Can some please help me? Thank you!