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  1. You could use the 1.0.5 NavPi image that was released earlier today, but I will enquire within the team about this unknown block version message. The bad block header message in the log file is to be expected i believe since your wallet will still see(hear) about the blocks being created on the old chain, your wallet will reject the old blocks. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  2. Hi Peter87, Are you running the latst 4.1 wallet ? it was released a couple days ago as there was a hard fork. I suggest you upgrade your NavPi to the latest 1.0.5 image. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  3. Issues with 4.1.0 - Wallet Server Not Running

    Hi Guys, There is also a new 1.0.5 NavPi image that was released today. Full details in the announcement. https://navcoin.org/news/hard-fork-success-update-on-community-fund-and-new-navpi-version/ This would be the preferred way forward. NOTE: you may have to expand your SD card after loading the new image. I will download the torrent later tonight and seed it so others can download, will post torrent here if needed. Thanks, Bocyaj. PS: Janitor, that is a VERY good practice to follow.... but we know the person who posted it and many have used it, I would consider it safe, but fully understand preferring the official one.
  4. How to bootstrap the complete blockchain?

    Hi Janitor, You can find a written tutorial below to help you through this process: https://navtechservers.com/tutorials/written-tutorials/#NavPi That process needs slight updating, so here are the correct steps. 1) Stop Wallet. (most likely is not running, so ignore "error: couldn't connect to server") /home/stakebox/navcoin-4.1.0/bin/navcoin-cli -datadir=/home/stakebox/.navcoin4 stop 2) Backup your wallet temporarily. (assumes you already have multiple copies stored safely) cp /home/stakebox/.navcoin4/wallet.dat /home/stakebox/wallet.bkup.dat 3) Delete old blockchain and download latest bootstrap file. cd /home/stakebox/.navcoin4 sudo rm -rf blocks/ chainstate/ sudo wget -N https://build.nav.community/bootstrap/boostrap-navcoin.tar 4) Extract the bootstrap. tar boostrap-navcoin.tar rm boostrap-navcoin.tar chown -R www-data:www-data chainstate blocks 5) Start up the Nav Coin daemon. sudo -u www-data /home/stakebox/navcoin-4.1.0/bin/navcoind -datadir=/home/stakebox/.navcoin4 -reindex-chainstate 6)Verify the daemon is running. ps -ef | grep nav 7) All done. The UI should be accessible with 5-20 minutes, depending how old the bootstrap is. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  5. v Won't Connect to Network

    Hi mempien, The typical causes for issues connecting to the Nav Coin network are related router configurations and firewall settings. Do you happen to have either of these active which could be affecting the wallet getting any connections ? Thanks, Bocyaj.
  6. New to all this and have some questions

    Hi Nader, Welcome to Nav Coin! With the hard fork, your coins will be safe on Bittrex. Bittrex handles their own wallet upgrades and you have nothing to worry about. With any hard fork, all you must do is ensure you have the latest version of the wallet and all will be fine. As for keeping your coins on the exchange, it is not so much about losing the 5% interest but instead about the fact that you are leaving your coins in the hands of the exchange. From a security viewpoint, you should never keep any coins on the exchange, if you don't have a private key (wallet.dat file) in your possession, your coins are not fully safe. Bittrex is a well established exchange and could be considered safe.... but nothing is safer than having your coins in your own wallet. I always have my coins in my wallet. If you need some help getting setup, you can follow tutorials found here: suggest the video title "from exchange to staking" to start on. https://navtechservers.com/video-tutorials/full-node/ Take a look around this site as their is a lot of really good information. If you wanted to learn more about the staking aspect of Nav coin, their is also a very good article found here: https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/nav-coin-proof-of-stake-informational-guide-71c9c3417212 Let me know if you have any further questions. NOTE: please wait for the Nav Coin team to release a statement confirming network stability before sending any coins (expected within 24hrs). Thanks, Bocyaj.
  7. Wallet is running but I can't see it

    Hi Xytal, I assume you can get the wallet to be visible temporary, but disapears after you minimize it ? If so, can you confirm the following settings found in "Settings -> Options -> Window tab" Another thing, are you setting your wallet to start on system start ? I really get the feeling there is a setting on your OS (done by either you or another installed program) that is the causing this issue on the wallet. from the above links, did you try this process (only a temp fix): " quote from gallorod82 I managed to figure out how to get the window open. It is a temporary solution because it is a little problematic beacuse you have to keep doing the same thing when you minimize the window. -CTRL+ALT+DEL then Task Manager -Check Processee and look for "NavCoin Core (GUI Node for NavCoin) -Double-click on the process and in the sub menu there should be another option for "NavCoin Core - Wallet" -Right-click on that and click on Maximize that is how I restored the Main Window. Every time I minimize the window, I have to do the above steps to get it back on screen. " Thanks, Bocyaj.
  8. Hi Slano, I am not experiencing this issue, but have heard others mention it. I was under the impression this was only happening on the old wallet versions. Can you confirm that you are indeed running 4.1.0 when you see this message? If so, did the wallet perform a blockchain resync from scratch (would have taken 2-3 hours) when you upgraded to 4.1 ? Thanks, Bocyaj.
  9. Balance 0 and transaction inexistent

    Hi xbnxrx, Given the recent hard fork, lets just wait before trying to send or move any of your coins. Once the network is deemed stable, I can help get you through this. Please ping me, if I don't get back to you promptly. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  10. Issue With Installation

    Hi camachamp, Correct, as long as you have your wallet.dat, your coins will be safe. Not sure if you saw this when upgrading to 4.1 or not, but seems something isnt right with your copy of the blockchain. I would suggest deleting everything in your appdata directory: except your wallet.dat !!! Then start the wallet again and let it resync. You can bootstrap the blockchain to expedite the process, bootstrap found here: https://build.nav.community/bootstrap/ Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  11. Hi ericklei, litebit uses either Bittrex or Poloniex as a proxy to trade, so until those wallets are online, you will have to wait. I have posted a pinned topic in the exchanges section with latest update. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  12. Staking - new warning message

    Hi itzroyyyy, There was a hardfork earlier this morning and you will need to update your wallet to version 4.1. Please reference this pinned post. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  13. Can't change Navcoin

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay, please see the pinned post linked here for full details. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  14. NAV no longer appears on Changelly

    Exactly sir. I just pinned a message to keep everyone informed. Thanks.
  15. server is not available because of maintenance

    Hi ericklei, I believe litebit is a proxy for Bittrex or Poloniex.... Can't confirm, but this is what I have heard... please check the recently pinned post for full details. Thanks, Bocyaj.