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  1. Hi All, There have been a number of users having issues with staking lately, myself included. There is a known bug in the latest 4.0.3 release which is already fixed in the upcoming 4.0.4 release. But until the new wallet is released, here are some instructions to get you staking again. Step 1: Do the regular checks to make sure staking is setup correctly. Verify you are in sync, verify you have mature coins, verify you have staking turned on and if you have a passphrase on your wallet, make sure it is unlocked for staking. If all is good, you should have a message like the following on your main tab of wallet "Expected time to earn reward is X minutes/hours". Step 2: From your Wallet; click 'Settings -> Turn off staking' , click 'yes' in the pop-up window. ( this will cause your wallet to shutdown ) Step 3: Re-launch your Nav Coin wallet, then click 'Settings -> Turn on staking', then click 'yes' in the pop-up window. ( this will shutdown your wallet again) Step 4: Re-launch your wallet and click 'Settings -> unlock your wallet for staking only'. All should be good now and you should see your wallet staking in due time. Regardless of how long your wallet has not staked for, your rewards will catch up and your next bunch of staked blocks will have a higher average amount than you're used too. NOTE: keep a closer eye on staking till the new wallet is released as this can happen every so often. Sorry for the inconvenience, but rest assured this issue has been resolved and when the new wallet version is released, you will no longer have to do this work around. Long live Nav Coin !!!
  2. I like the idea behind this Mogrith, give the Navtech server operators the remainder of coins not accumulated from staking due to being offline etc... The problem is that without resetting the age of coins, this wouldn't work very well. As you say right now, less than half of Nav Coins are staking (for ease of discussion, lets say there are currently 50% of coins staking). Yes it is true that this means the current inflation rate is only 2.5%, but what if in 3 years all those dormant coins decide to turn their wallets on and start staking... they will get huge rewards and our 5% annual inflation rate will catch up with us. If following your proposal we could end up with more than a 5% annuall inflation. So, here is my proposal: To get around the above scenario we need a way for the old coins coming online and start staking to be limited as to not go over the defined 5% annual inflation. We would need to define "periods" (lets say a period is 3 months long) where the reward calculation will only mint coins based on the age of coins in the current period. 1) a navtech server is loaded with coins in order to process the anon tx's. these coins, just as all other active coins, will earn staking rewards. there is no fee paid by the user for an anon transfer. 2) at the end of each period, the network will mint coins to proportionally pay out all navtech servers for their service during this period. This amount is calculated based on the un-awarded staking fees in the given period to keep up with exactly a 5% per year inflation rate 3) rinse and repeat. The VERY important change however would come in to place when a staking reward is payed out for staking a block on the chain. (both for navtech and regular nodes) Currently the calculation is something like this: [<age of coins in days> / 365 * 5%] * <amount of coins> = <staking reward> We would need to max out the value of <age of coins in days> to be no greater than the number of days since the beginning of the current period. This would essentially make a staking reward only give out a payment for at most 90 days of interest. A couple of notes on this idea: 1) the weight of coins would remain untouched as this is important to keep the network flowing when the end of a period is reached. 2) the proportional payout to navtech servers at the end of the period takes into account the percentage of the period in which they had coins on the navtech server. was it the full 3 months or only 1 month? 3) this should entice more people to keep their wallets online 24/7 as they want to ensure they don't miss out on any staking rewards (stronger network). Currently, compounding interest is the only incentive to keep a wallet online 24/7 (which doesn't amount to very much). 4) entices navtech operators to keep a lot coins on their navtech server which 'locks' them up from the market. 5) I do not propose a hard lock up of coins, lets call it a 'soft lock' of coins. I think it is important to allow navtech operators the ability to move coins in and out of their server as needed. But the incentive to keep them there still remains as they will want a higher reward at the end of the period. 6) this would create essentially a near perfect linear 5% inflation overtime, which is good as there will be no surprises if in 10 years a big stack of coins start staking and a HUGE influx of coins enters the market. Sorry if this is un-organized, but didn't have much time to get it all together, let me know if you have any questions/concerns or need for clarification.
  3. Hi Pawel, By looking at your screenshots, you sent a little over 2100 coins a couple hours after receiving the 2156... it looks like your balance is showing correctly. If by chance, that address you sent it to is just another one in your wallet, you could try performing a repairwallet, which is found in the file menu. Let me know how it works out, or if I am misunderstanding something. Thanks.
  4. Hi LukrativeHD, never had this happen myself, but looks like you might not quite be up the creek without a paddle yet. It appears there is a bitcoin wallet called pywallet, that has a function built in that will let you pull out private keys from within a corrupted wallet.dat file. Since NAV Coin is built right from bitcoin, this wallet should be able to recover your private keys from the NAV Coin wallet.dat file. If this works, you would then just have to import the private keys into a fresh wallet.dat in NAV Coin and all would be good again. I am not sure on what your comfort level is with Linux and crypto, but there are lots here to help you out if needed. Step #1: Backup your corrupted wallet.dat file in a few places.... USB Key, coulple different drives on your PC, etc... even if its corrupted, it could get corrupted worse, make sure you take a backup ! More backups never hurt anyone :-D Here is the link where someone used it to recover the private keys: Essentially, if you only have windows, you could just get a version of Live Ubuntu installed through a USB stick, get the pywallet installed on there and then run the recovery tool.
  5. Are both these wallets controlled by you? And have you confirmed both are in sync? What does the block explorer show as happening to those coins. If you need help finding out any of the above, let me know and I can help you through it. Thanks.
  6. this is not exactly my forte.... but have you read through the following, arch based stuff is near the bottom.