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  1. Missing coins after update (4.0.6)

    Hi James, I see what looks like a typo in one of your commands: the parameter 'datedir' should be 'datadir' . Also, when repairing the wallet in NavPi, follow this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/wiki/stakebox#wiki_re-enable_ssh.3A **make sure you change the 4.0.4 in the link above to 4.0.6 . Essentially, you just made a typo and did not include the datadir option when starting the wallet with the zapwallettx parameter. Also, if you update your raspberry pi (exact same thing as NAVpi, just that you made it) to the latest 1.0.3 image, they have added an easy update feature which is accessible through the UI. Let me know if this gets you back in business. good luck, Bocyaj.
  2. Help get the coin sent anonymously

    Hi ford everest, been thinking about this recently... Although that is a completely expected response from Poloniex, I would fire back at them with something like this... Both you and Poloniex can see what is your deposit address for you account , show them a link on the block explorer proving that coins were sent to the address and request they look into their records to verify if the funds were credited to your account. If they push back on you still, go right back at them. We are not talking about chump change here, 50k NAV is a lot of frigin money, insist they put more effort into helping the situation... the nature of a private send is to eliminate trace-ability. Dont give up my friend, those are your coins and don't let Poloniex give you the run around. Keep me updated with your progress. Good luck, Bocyaj.
  3. Can't get wallet to sync on my Mac

    Hi ZCash, Can you confirm the release your wallet.dat was taken on ? 3.X or a 4.X version of the NAV Coin wallet ? Either way, this is my suggestion for you to ensure all is good: 1) ensure you have a good copy of your wallet.dat somewhere safe. 2)Delete the entire Navcoin4 directory from your computer (Re-ensure you have your wallet.dat backed up first) NOTE: in case you don't know where this is... Mac: In order to see hidden folders, such as ~/Library from Finder, simply press shift + ⌘ (command) + G which will GO to a folder, your Navcoin4 location is: ~/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4 3)install the 4.0.6 version of the Nav Coin wallet and start it up 4) dont have enough info, so not fully sure on what will happen when it launches..... a) if wallet asks for your 3.0 wallet.dat, enter its location here and let the blockchain sync up. can bootstrap if needed (read below). once in sync, you should be good. b)if the wallet doesnt ask for your 3.0 wallet.dat, then just leave the wallet open and let it sync. Can take 2-3 hours or you can bootstrap to expedite this process: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/wiki/hints_and_tips#wiki_bootstrapping_the_blockchain 5)if the wallet didn't ask for your 3.0 wallet.dat file, then continue with this last step. 6) close the wallet. replace your backup wallet.dat into the Navcoin4 directory (overwriting the fresh one in there) and start the wallet again. NOTE: you may have to do a repair wallet if your balance is not displayed properly, this function is found under "File -> Repair Wallet" Let me know how this turns out. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  4. Disappearing funds

    Hi Ikrzndna, I am not saying your crazy :-) completely believe yhou. I can only guess (an educated one at least) is that the withdrawal from Poloniex was put into a block that ended up being an orphan block. The Nav Coin network handles this perfectly as expected and the transaction is included in the successful block (that beat out the orphan), but it seems whatever script or process is used for Poloniex withdrawals doesn't handle this situation properly. There was someone else recently with a similar issue, Poloniex fixed it and even said it was due to handling the orphan block improperly. The reason you could have seen it on the explorer is that the explorer was notified of the orphan block on the network as well and displayed it until the site was updated with the fact it was an orphan. To be honest, I hope Poloniex addresses this issue as I can imagine many people run into it. Anyways, good luck getting support from Poloniex. It might take a while, but rest assured, it should be resolved without issue. HINT: i have heard numerous times that if you mention the words 'take legal action' in the request, your ticket will get priority. Hate advising this to people as its a lie and kind fo dirty, but Poloniex's support has been VERY slow ever since the huge rush of people joining the crypto scene earlier this year.... that was 7 months ago, figure they would be caught up by this time.
  5. Electrum wallet "Not Verified"

    If possible, I would highly suggest everyone to move your coins over to a Core client if possible (lots of us in the community can help you through this process if needed). If this is not an option, I would move them over to the coinomi wallet on an android phone. There is a nicely detailed explanation of how to this below. FYI: the upcoming lite version wallet "NAVpay" will be much better than current options. It is a fork of the copay wallet and will be a much better experience.
  6. Disappearing funds

    Hi Ikrndna, Matt is correct, you will have to contact Poloniex to resolve this issue. If that is the txid provided in your withdrawal history, simply open a ticket with them and indicate the txid in your withdrawal history is not valid on the blockchain, give them this link which shows that. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/search.dws?q=89c6204eb0fa016f79fda53d045963463c0f8cdfb207a0f375a362993bf10efc Support with Poloniex has been known to be slow, so patience might be tested. Good luck.
  7. Wallet and staking

    Glad this has helped you understand how staking works. If you wanted to get more familiar with staking, I suggest you read the following article which explains just about everything there is about staking. https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/nav-coin-proof-of-stake-informational-guide-71c9c3417212 Thanks, Bocyaj.
  8. Hi Beast3d/dae, With new versions of the wallet , some anti-virus programs will mark it as suspect and quarantine the application before its able to start. I have Avast and this happens with each new wallet version. Once enough people 'send it in for analysis', the anti-virus program should stop marking it as suspect. I typically allow avast to send in a copy in the hopes others don't have the problem and then launch the application after disabling my anti-virus for 10 minutes. NOTE, if the anti-virus picks it up, you will have to re-install he software as the executable file gets quarantined and removed.
  9. Missing Navcoins

    Glad to hear ChristoEN. That is a somewhat common occurrence, it is an issue with how the wallet is displaying your total funds. A repair wallet seems to always solve the issue. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  10. NavCoin Core QT Wallet Fatal Error on OS X

    glad to hear it all worked out for you. closing topic as its solved. Cheers, Bocyaj.
  11. Wallet giving error on opening in OSX

    Hi cameltoe, I would first suggest you make sure you are on the latest load, 4.0.6. I believe some others were experiencing issues on OSX with older loads. The latest load is also needed so you can cast your vote on the upcoming community fund proposal. you can download the latest version here: https://navcoin.org/downloads/ If you do have any errors to report via gituhub, you can do so by creating an account and opening an issue here: (I would suggest posting here first as you have) https://github.com/NAVCoin/navcoin-core/issues Let me know if the new version is still giving you any issues and will work through them. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  12. No sync

    Are you in sync with the network? If not, read here for tips: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/wiki/hints_and_tips#wiki_improving_connection_count_and_synchronizing_time If you are in sync, try a repair wallet, you can access this by clicking 'file -> repair wallet' . Your wallet will shutdown, so you will have to open it again. You should see a message 'repair successful', the wallet will take 15-20 mins to open after a repair. Let us know how it works out. Thanks, bocyaj
  13. Staking is not working?

    The estimated time to stake is a loosely based calculation, it is not guaranteed or even accurate when looked at in a small time-frame. It is more of an average expected staking period over a long period of time, it could take 5 times longer to stake or only 1/5th the time. But in the long run it will average out. Here is a link with a more detailed explanation: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/wiki/facts_and_explanations#wiki_estimated_time_to_earn_rewards For a deep dive into how staking works, I suggest the following article: https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/nav-coin-proof-of-stake-informational-guide-71c9c3417212 If you still think there are issues, let me know and we can dig deeper. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  14. Where did my coins go?

    no problems, glad to help. no rush, take your time. sorry for the help taking so long to come to you. I am now available to keep a closer eye on posts on the forum, so expect qiucker responses going forward. I took a quick look for recovery options in case they are needed: if you have Windows 10(might work on older releases), 1)navigate to your wallet.dat file 2) right click it and select properties, 3) cross your fingers (very important step) 4) then hit the "previous versions" tab 5) if you are lucky, you will have a list of older versions here. Also found some other options which should have better luck, although I haven't gone through them much, so be diligent and let me know if you have questions/issues. https://www.wikihow.com/Recover-Overwritten-Files https://www.cleverfiles.com/howto/recover-overwritten-files.html
  15. Where did my coins go?

    :-( that is not good news. Each time you either install or start the wallet (when there is no wallet.dat in the navcoin4 directory), the Nav Coin client will create a brand new wallet.dat for you, this is why you keep seeing the address change each time. To move forward, we need to locate the wallet.dat that had that address in it. Without this wallet, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. So lets focus on locating that wallet, try to find all versions of wallets you have and put them somewhere on your PC, check recycling bin and anywhere you can think of. I typically put different versions of my wallet.dat inside a directory with a name that gives it meaning to help identify them among each other. Once you have all the wallet.dat versions you can find on your PC, lets try them one at a time hoping to find the right one. Follow this process to quickly test each wallet.dat: 1) close the Nav Coin wallet 2) place a wallet.dat version into the data folder, overwriting the existing one. (try not to delete anymore wallet.dat files unless you are certain it doesn't contain your address) 3) start the Nav Coin wallet. 4) confirm if the address exists in this wallet.dat by looking at the RECEIVE tab. *** repeat the 4 steps above with each of the wallet.dat versions you have. Just to clear things up, your wallet.dat is essentially a simple file that contains the private key (which gives you ownership/control of an address) of ALL the addresses in your Nav Coin client. There can be thousands and thousands of addresses in each wallet.dat. By default, a new/fresh wallet.dat has 100 addresses in it by default. If you still cant find the wallet.dat with your address in it, the only option would be to start looking into software to locate deleted occurrences of the wallet.dat from your PC. I will have to do some research here to figure out what would work best, but either way, this is not an easy nor quick approach. good luck. bocyaj.