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  1. Did I lose my coins

    Sounds like you entered the wrong password. You can try importing the wallet.dat you backed up following the steps here: https://navtechservers.com/tutorials/written-tutorials/#NavCore
  2. masternode setup

    Nav does not have masternodes
  3. Please check this Reddit post for an easier way of exporting your private keys:
  4. If you have questions I suggest you reply to the post on Reddit as I am not reading this forum very often.
  5. Sent to Bittrex but not received

  6. Not yet Redeemed

    Do you have control over this address? NZZXY2EKVKkBWcgneHfhjoVe3FwgK9JJyU Please check by going to Help -> Debug Console and dropping the private key for the address. You can see how to do it here: try with the address that displays as not yet redeemed
  7. partially insecure connection

    There are two images being loaded through http. The devs are aware of this and will fix it soon.
  8. How do i send from coinami to my navcoin core wallet?

    Please export your keys out of Coinomi using these steps: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/comments/7laptz/how_to_export_your_private_keys_from_coinomi_into/
  9. Navcoin Paper Wallet - new user questions

    1. Non-existant 2. You can still send coins and access them with your private keys. Please do not use Coinomi. If you wish to access your funds you should go through the Nav Coin Core Wallet Yes, go to chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/ and enter the address of your paper wallet.
  10. Those transactions never went through. Please update to the latest version of the wallet: https://navtechservers.com/navcore-4-1-0/
  11. Missing coins

    Is your wallet synced? Can you give me a txid?
  12. you are both fine, they removed the estimated time due to confusion in the last update. If it says you are staking it's just a question of time.
  13. Upgrade to the latest wallet version please: https://navtechservers.com/navcore-4-1-0/