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  1. Using Navcoin on a website

    Hi! It's great to hear, that you're planning to use Nav in your. Probably, you can find some useful information or links here: https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbusiness/comments/7ousot/promote_your_business_week_of_january_8_2018/dskyobv/ If you'll have some further questions, feel free to ask them. Regards, Vlad
  2. Missing Staking Rewards

    Hi Serenity, If it says "You are staking", than everything should be ok. Basically, the best advice for you - just try to wait a little bit longer. The period of time you recieve a part of annual reward is not always the same. It might be once a month, might be twice, might be another different period of time. But don't worry - it does not affect your reward for a year. Hope it was useful.
  3. nav transaction

    Hi Roger, So let's re-crete all events to find the solution. 34 hours ago, you've sent a transaction from you wallet to Bittrex. Now, you have lesser amount of coins on your wallet, but they still are not showing on Bittrex and there are no information about incoming transaction on Bittrex. Correct?
  4. Coinomi wallet says no connection

    Hi s.hornet! Thanks for detailed information. It might be useful in the future. So - now everything is ok and your wallet works properly?