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  1. How did you do that, they told me that they can not solve the problem at Litebit.
  2. Coins not appearing in Wallet

    I am affraid that they don,t respond. i am waiting sinds 12 december but nobody help me after a lot of info on the forum and mails, they must shame therself because the only thing what is importent for them is that a lot go wrong, and keep it for themself.
  3. NVVJ43XHxi7MZjtUr4EV4thLQejVvSbwTN this is the adres what belongs to me, and where they bin send to, mayby can any body else help me to find them back.
  4. Litebit answer me that they see the transfer, but it seems to be a wallet where several adressen are linked on. So i think that NAV coin must take there resposibilitie and solve the problem, because it is not normal that when they have a wallet and the coins never arrive because someone steeling from us. and when do they answer on this forum, the last reaction was on 28 december, ore are those members also fake.
  5. First everebody the best wishes for 2018, but why dont get i no response on my answers ore reply,s from the members of this forum. i almost think that it true what they say ober the navcoin, that it it is a big fake. Because when you ask a question in every other forum they aswer very quick but her it looks like that they don,t care. mayby it is for the most people here normal that you lose 600.- dollar, not lose, but i must work more than a week for it. and i am very sik of it, and did is why,crypto currency gose great it now why. Greeting from holland,
  6. Hi there, i reply one your questions in our discussion, but til now i have no answer from you. Maybe you wil look again to,my answers. i send the transaction id and wallet id to you. And now every time when i want to respond tomthe questions the program say you need firs clean up your inbox, but there is only one mail in ?. Litebit tells me that the adres was wrong, but it is the adres directly copied from my wallet, so what can be wrong, i did nothing wrong. hopefully you wil look at it. thnx, Shadje
  7. Beste, Litebit send me a email that the Nav coins must be in my wallet now, i updated my blocks again and still i dont see them. Eric
  8. NavCoin Core versie v4.1.0.0-9fa6d3b-dirty (64-bit
  9. What a Forum is this ! , they dont answer any mails ore give reply on email. and the worst is that i after one week not have my nav coins in the wallet.
  10. Steven, Je bent Nederlander lees ik. Hoe heb jij kunnen zien dat ze in de blockchain waren ?, of heb je alleen gezien dat ze bij litebit uit je wallet zijn net als ik. Hopelijk komt het allemaal goed, en krijgen we ook een antwoord op onze vragen. Gr, Shadje
  11. Hi there, i removed the navcoins from litebit to the navcoin wallet yesterday, but i can see nothing one my account. it stil empty. On the litebit site stands that the are send to my adres from the wallet. first i let my computer dowloaded al the blocks, and now he is finished and stil nothing in my wallet. maybie somebody can help me, ore have an answer why. thnx from The Netherlands.