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  1. No staking activity

    I have ethernet cable and wireless on the Rasperry pi. I can only communicate through the ethernet cable, and not by the wireless address anymore. Is the Navpi program communicating by the network cable? And the program shows 8 peers (connection count is 8). Should that be more? Should i try to switch off the wireless connection, because that does not seem to work well? So that only the ethernet cable connection will be used?
  2. No staking activity

    I also have this problem. The Nav Pi is running for weeks. It is apparantly staking, but zero interest. Why on earth should I keep the Navpi on? It does not give any interest for at least a month.
  3. Issues with 4.1.0 - Wallet Server Not Running

    Maybe it is good to not spend too much time on this. There are many coins that are hot nowadays, like Litecoin. Maybe buy some of those, and meanwhile hope that other coins like Navcoin get their things together.
  4. Issues with 4.1.0 - Wallet Server Not Running

    I think you should first backup your wallet. And first backup your SD card and mabye the Pi itself. I think Navtech has instruction videos, including one for backing up the Pi. So I think the wallet backup is most important. For me the bootstrap downloading worked. But the whole process consists of several parts. I took my time between the parts, to be sure every part was completed for sure. Then it worked. (But it was not easy, I had to try again several times). I am not even close to be an expert on the Navpi, but now I am cautious changing what is working. You might indeed try to update, but I would first be sure it is backed up. Another thing you might check if your SD card is good enough. I got my Navpi from an online shop specialized in Raspberry Pi and the only sell the top quality of SD card. There are many SD card that are actually not really suitable.
  5. Issues with 4.1.0 - Wallet Server Not Running

    I just managed to get it working thanks to the post of Neeman. And I backupped the wallet several times. So now it is best to go to 1.0.5 i see. But it is an image file, probably meaning that i have to use the sd card to put it on. I hope actually that it will be updated automatically on my Navpi. So it is better to wait and hope for automatic update?