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  1. Additional detail: When i click on backup wallet it displays " Error: Something went wrong... Did you enter a location that does not exist, or is unreachable? " so it seems as if the wallet.dat cant be accessed. I just dont get why.
  2. The wallet.dat I tried to restore was the one the stakebox created itself on setup - i wanted to test out if the backup procedure is working before moving any coins to the box. May have been a good idea, because obviously it doesnt work. edit: I used Version v1.0.4 of navpi, downloaded via torrent from the official site
  3. I set up a new navpi-box and restored an preexisting, encrypted wallet.dat right at the start - all just like in the guide on github. When i try to log in i get "Error: Your wallet server is not running." I already tried all the advice on this forum as well as making an fresh install which gave me the same result. Don't know what to do anymore, any help is very much appreciated.