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  1. Recovering my old wallet

    Hi Amir, Not sure if reading correct, do you have the backup .dat file? If so, copy the .dat backup file into the NavCoin4 folder and wait for complete sync. See the following thread: https://forum.navcoin.org/index.php?/topic/226-importing-wallet-via-dat-file/&tab=comments#comment-552 Chana
  2. Wallet Not Connecting to Network

    Hi CryptoBatman, could your firewalls be blocking the wallet from connecting to the network?..
  3. Hi Mikey, I looked into the block explorer and here is my findings below, best to wait for Polo's response - btw, is your polo account secured with 2FA? Event 1. @ 2017-09-06 21:18:08 +24.9999 NAV into NaydSVR5pRGkeg9gGAv9bWwfZP71veG7ES (polo wallet). Event 2. @ 2017-09-06 21:21:04 +369.68267843 NAV into NaydSVR5pRGkeg9gGAv9bWwfZP71veG7ES (supposed polo wallet). Event 3. @ 2017-09-06 21:31:12 - 369.68267843 NAV transferred out Event 4. @ 2017-09-06 23:26:40 -24.9999 NAV transferred out See below for event 3. Value Out Hash From (amount) To (amount) e649d8a802b3c5086faf934a957fff1480bcb710eaeb578d363beb3117a99159 369.68257843 NAV NaydSVR5pRGkeg9gGAv9bWwfZP71veG7ES 369.68267843 NAV NZhy5XoCKeAtzLapCqKuScJG6cQTwCnbUt 299.4028998 NAV NRyLrCEHfpZdUATRqTZd52No1T1BrsmEET 70.27967863 NAV See below for event 4. Value Out Hash From (amount) To (amount) bc90da40d7b8cc1db7e27e150e47e98e1f96a6d56ee5beabfbde36cb0f83d601 101.50715016 NAV NaydSVR5pRGkeg9gGAv9bWwfZP71veG7ES 24.9999 NAV NLUbvR4GHpejs6wJnHvQ99p2RCdgq9zaHN 5.97232 NAV NQ81AintgZcpXc464cYVjnbR5F7h9U6eA6 70.53503016 NAV NVvT8T9CokmckKMjT1Acpd95izunzHZoM7 100.0 NAV NdHbWo8FrP1qxYG5SrcujdZh2pbrnmQrtY 1.50715016 NAV
  4. NAV Core, syncing problems...

    Bootstrapping the blockchain means you pre-install an early section of the blockchain, therefore not requiring you to sync the entire blockchain. It will just make the syncing process quicker By the way, if that does not work, try the following: (courtesy of rwinist from Reddit) Top menu => Settings => Turn Staking off => Core Client restarts Top menu => Settings => Turn Staking on => Core Client restarts This is the easiest way to clear stuck transactions from the local mempool. Then trying to repair the wallet could help: Top menu => File => Repair wallet => Core Client restarts This will clear all failed transactions from the wallet and rescan the blockchain. If neither gets the syncing going again, it could help if I get the chance to look at his debug.log file from the data folder. Let us know how you go, Chana
  5. NAV Core, syncing problems...

    Hi tigerw76, This is the suggestion from navtechservers is: "Close the wallet. Delete the whole blockchain (not wallet.dat file), so everything except wallet.dat in the NavCoin4 folder. Bootstrap blockchain and open wallet again. Let it sync." Let me know how you go.
  6. importing wallet via DAT file?

    Hi Zeusy77, As promised, I've reached out to the community: Regarding the "private key", that's only applicable when you have a paperwallet or are holding the private key to your coins. In this case, as you are installing the wallet with the .dat backup file you don't need to use the "import wallet" option. Copy the .dat backup file into the NavCoin4 folder and wait for complete sync. Your coins should appear. Regards, Chana
  7. Transfer NAV to polo does not receive

    Hi ford everest, Checking your address provided, it looks like you received all your coins and issue resolved. Chana
  8. NAV Core, syncing problems...

    Hi tigerw76, Are you using the latest wallet version for mac? Chana
  9. Missing Navcoins

    Hi Navbo, Check the block explorer with your address to confirm the amount in your wallet. Let me know and I can reach out to other experts in the matter. Chana
  10. 1900 NAV Missing???? PLEASE HELP

    Hi fiddy, I see that you've received the coins on the first, so I trust all is well now Chana
  11. Nav gone missing?

    Hi Sal, Please provide update if any? Could you copy and paste the details above, rather than screenshot so we can highlight and search the transaction ID Thanks!
  12. wallet not visible

    No worries. I understand your query now - I have that issue with NAV icon in the tray SOMETIMES. The only fix I found is to restart the computer and turn that function off under settings (minimize to tray option). I will mention it to the developers.
  13. Staking

    Hi Robert, This question comes up once in a while, it probably means that you did not successfully stake those coins, as it may have been staked by someone else. Rest assured, your staking rewards per annum will equate to 5%. Chana
  14. Never Received NAV Coins

    Check the block number of that transaction, and compare that to where the block height is. If the number is really far a off (subjective, I know) then you can probably assume it was your wallet not completely synced Let me know how your next 1 NAV goes
  15. importing wallet via DAT file?

    Sorry for the late reply, i have been away. I haven't reinstalled the wallet so I'm not exactly sure about the steps. Are you still having issues? I'll pop your question on the reddit forum for answers We're all learning from each other