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  1. Where did my coins go?

    Hehe.. so much for crossing fingers... quickly tried the previous versions but 'none available'. Tomorrow after work, I'll scour my pc and backups for that dat file as you suggested, then I guess I'll have to check out your links and cross my fingers again. I'll get back to you anyhow
  2. Where did my coins go?

    Ok Bocyaj I'm going to have to get on this tomorrow and see what I can do. My gut feeling says I don't have the right .Dat file, but I'll search everywhere I can and get back to you.' Thanks again for your help
  3. Where did my coins go?

    Bocyaj I'm not so sure of that light! So, of course I never saved the .dat file of the wallet that I installed that had the address I need. Typical. I saw it, and immediately tried to copy the previous files over it! Very stupid I've tried installing again, but it's always a different address now. I've tried putting back the first backup, with the old address' (after it changed the first time), uninstalling, reinstalling....nothing.. it just gives me a new address each time now... an i've no idea why.. Help is definitely required
  4. Where did my coins go?

    Hi bocyaj Thanks for your reply and help. First off, I had aleready checked the 'List old address' tab, and that particular address was not there. I also repaired wallet, twice I think, and nothing. So, just now, I made sure I had my wallet.dat backed up, copied the whole NavCoin4 folder jus to be sure, uninstalled the wallet, and installed the latest version again. When it started up, after choosing the import private key option, I checked the receive tab and the address was the right one, the same one I had sent too. Excitedly, I copied my wallet.dat folder back in, along with the blockchain, and everything went back to how it was! No coins, different address'. I tried uninstalling again, again I got the right address, so I just tried to copy over the blockcahain (which I assumed was the 'chainstate' folder), but on startup I got an error... So, I tried again, uninstalled, reinstalled, chose import from private key, and this time of course the address was different!!! Everything I've tried has returned me to the same place.... no coins showing up.... Any ideas on what I can try?? (Thanks for the wallet installation checklist btw... def something I'll be following that from now on)
  5. Where did my coins go?

    Hi, I gave the address previously but here it is again along with the Txld Address: Nd1fuVdi5qsoB9XL16YUKzkEUZqrPMrAiB TxId: b635b2c33f7fdf0549f77b194621032c7d10d97ccd6e004228cc0279f6274f8d It shows up as completed, but like I said, this address is now different to the one's generated in the encrypted wallet. Are these coins lost??
  6. Where did my coins go?

    My coins never even arrived in my Nav wallet, as the first address I sent them to, had changed after encrypting. This was more than 48 hours ago and still nothing. Does anyone know if any of the devs are active here, or how to contact them. The coins can easily be followed on the blockchain, so does this mean they are gone for ever??
  7. Where did my coins go?

    So, zero replies, even though this seems to have happened to a few people on here. Has anyone had a similar experience and solved it? Are there any devs on here? The initial address I sent my coins to, before it was changed, was Nd1fuVdi5qsoB9XL16YUKzkEUZqrPMrAiB, and on the NavCoin blockchain explorer, it shows these coins as having been received! So where the hell are the coins??? Not a very good first experience with this wallet or coin. Any help?
  8. Where did my coins go?

    Hi I've seen similar posts on here, but decided to start a new one in the hope that someone will see it. I downloaded the Nav wallet. Then sent my coins from Bittrex, to the receiving address. I was also syncing at the time. While waiting for them to arrive I encrypted my wallet. Then I noticed that the receiving address had changed! Because I wasn't synced I decided to wait, but now I am synced, and there are still no coins and no transactions either. My coins have definitely left Bittrex. Where have they gone or how can I track them/get them back?? Please help