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  1. check with the person that sent the NAV that not yet redeemed TX may end up giving the NAV back to him, if the TX shows 0 confirmations.
  2. try this to make sure your stakebox is upto date and synching
  3. I can do that email me at {screen name} @{screen name}.com with adress and contact info. some off the wall stuff you can try with a putty connection sudo apt-get update get timezone correct sudo raspi-config 4 update any or all the options here timezone at least but other if you need to
  4. Hi Team, has a free tier of service for one domain like it will use a cloudflare cert for https and protect against ddos attacks. Simple to set up get account, enter domain, enter DNS records, (all in wizard ) wizard then tells you new DNS servers to use. So you go your domain name provider and enter new dns server names.
  5. Navcoin is POS not POW so there in not mining where you can load a program to use your video card to make NAV. But if you buy Nav and put it in your wallet it will 'stake' and give you more coin. how much you will get and how often changes but over a year you will have 5% more nav than when you started. If you have a few hundred you might get a stake every week or so. If you have 10 of thousands expect 1-3 daily stakes
  6. One drawback to this idea is that one large server is better than several small ones unless your hardware is free. Right now I have 2 ins and 2 outs at $20 a month rent for each. I don't turn into one larger pool of 1 in and 1 out because we need more servers out there to make it harder even try to track a private payment. this will be less of an issue when dual chain wallets are used instead of servers
  7. Hi all, One of the drawbacks of NavTech is the extra fee it costs users. But also we need a way to reward owners of Navtech servers. Creating new coin to pay servers will increase inflation. However our current inflation overall is well under the %5 allows. So if there was some way that Navtech servers could receive a stake bonus equal the the ratio of non-staking-stakeing. the amout of coin inflation will always be less than 5%. So if staking is 46% then non staking is 54% so navtech servers would get 7.7%. Navtech pools are much smaller than the non-staking coin pool so overall inflation is still under 5% We could use a base bonus (2.5%) and add the ratio to the base This would make Navtech servers more attractive and still have little effect on overall inflation. in this case a Navtech server would get 5%+2.5%+2.7% or 10.2%. and we could drop additional fees. This can also work when we move to dual chain wallets instead of stand alone servers. In your wallet you 'reserve' x coins for navtech. they stake at the navtech rate. this ways fees can be turned off we don't have to worry about sharing fees between server clusters as there are no fees. Your return is based on coin invested in navtech not on traffic you randomly get sent. We still need a good way to combine clusters owned by different people. I mentioned this on slack but thought I'd put here for reference and comment.
  8. That is a complex question as it depends on difficulty which in turn is based partially on total of coins staked. See!extraction for info on how many coins are staking ~27Mil are staking right now. Before the segwit voting started I had a 5000 Nav wallet that staked about 1 day. it now has ~9500 now last stake was 5/4 and it was an orphan. So I think it is there are a lot more coins staking now we each stake less often but get more coin per stake. A 100k wallet is staking every 2-8 hours and that is still pretty inconsistent. Wish I had a 1000000 wallet to tell you about.
  9. 2000 nav should stake every 2 days or so. So it may just take time If you already have a pi. I can just mail a fully configured SD card.
  10. No that's mac windows is %appdata%/roaming/navcoin4/wallet.dat
  11. go to /Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4/ and copy wallet.dat to a thumbdrive.
  12. until
    Weekly update from development team.
  13. Anyone interested in buying a mogrith made Pi stakebox. $85.00 or equivalent in NAV includes shipping will use Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - Clear Case 16Gig SD card. Will be ready to plug in power and Ethernet. I will do wifi but I need the SSID and Password for your wifi. Even a nav sticker included. On Pi lid or added to box to use where you want.
  14. It's built and put nav in it to test staking. I will take it out and delete wallet.dat before shipping