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  1. Wallet Server is not running

    .navcoin4 this also where wallet.dat is. The . In front of navcoin4 is important means (hidden dir)
  2. 'Not Yet Redeemed' NavCoin

    check with the person that sent the NAV that not yet redeemed TX may end up giving the NAV back to him, if the TX shows 0 confirmations.
  3. Funds retrieval

    http://forum.navcoin.org/index.php?/topic/101-navcoin-service-not-running-fixes/ try this to make sure your stakebox is upto date and synching
  4. Core Wallet Mac Private Key?

    No that's mac windows is %appdata%/roaming/navcoin4/wallet.dat
  5. Core Wallet Mac Private Key?

    go to /Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/NavCoin4/ and copy wallet.dat to a thumbdrive.
  6. Weekly Dev News

    Weekly update from development team. http://navcoin.org/news/
  7. Can't change Password or currency

    This is caused by parts of the WebUI were left read only. The wiki and video have this action as part of and install of stakebox but if you are still having these issues lets do it again and get it fixed To change file permission issues try this: If you know your stakebox IP address skip this step Find the StakeBox IP see http://wiki.navcoin.org/index.php/Make_a_raspi_stakebox#Find_the_PI_IP_address On a MAC SSH into the stake box and update the file permissions. ssh pi@ Replacing with whatever IP your Pi is assigned on your network. The SSH password should be "nav". On Windows use Putty hostname Replacing with whatever IP your Pi is assigned on your network. Now that you are connected we can go to the UI directory and update the permissions: sudo -R chown www-data:www-data /home/stakebox/UI/ Thanks to craig for posting most of this info
  8. Navcoin-QT compile error on Ras Pi

    yes now that the update is now a bash script to get the new binaries this doesn't matter anymore
  9. Wallet Server is not running

  10. Mining issues StakeBox

    try going to sleep now.
  11. Navcoin Service Not Running Fixes

    Sometimes when your pi finishes loading the blockchain it crashes and you get the red server is not running Message. Using putty or ssh on mac connect to your PI. for a refresh on how to find the PI IP address and connect with putty see http://wiki.navcoin.org/index.php/Make_a_raspi_stakebox#Connect_and_Configure_PI Log into the stakebox login as pi password is nav (unless you changed it) make sure your PI is up to date this will not hurt anything if they are run when you are up to date sudo apt-get update Enter Y if it asks wget -O - http://www.navcoin.org/files/update-navpi.sh | bash Sometimes the Navcoin Service stops because it is out of memory So we will add some settings to navcoin.conf to reduce Ram usage. cd .navcoin4 nano navcoin.conf use the down arrow ket to get to bottom of the file then paste or enter these lines dbcache=100 maxorphantx=10 maxmempool=50 maxconnections=40 maxuploadtarget=5000 enter {ctrl-x} to exit then enter Y to save and {enter} to use current name cd ~ killall navcoind Wait a min or two then ./navcoin-4.0.2/bin/navcoind -daemon wait a few minuets then enter ./navcoin-4.0.2/bin/navcoin-cli getblockcount if you get pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ./navcoin-4.0.2/bin/navcoin-cli getblockcount error code: -28 error message: Loading block index... navcoin service is still starting if you get a number you can use the webpage now
  12. Mining issues StakeBox

    writing it right now
  13. Mining issues StakeBox

    I will start a new entry in beginners and help topic
  14. Mining issues StakeBox

    Click on the link to go to list of things you can try. you can reply back here if you need help