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  1. Can't send NAV from NAVPi

    Hi Wereworfl, A few questions/suggestions to start: Have you tried restarting the NavPi? Is your NavPi running the latest version? If not, try to update it. Please also try locking and then unlocking the wallet. Kind Regards, Matt
  2. Time disappears

    Hi there, The staking time is just a rough estimate and is unreliable at the best of times, so I wouldn't worry about it. As long as your wallet is in staking mode, you will be able to stake new coins. If you're having issues with unlocking your wallet, let me know. Regards, Matt
  3. Continued Syncing Issues

    Hi Chaz, I have a feeling you could be experiencing a similar issue to the users in this thread, could you have a look and try out their solution? Kind regards, Matt
  4. Available balance only shows half of my total balance

    Hi there, First I'd recommend trying the instructors lined out in this post If that fails to work then please let me know and we'll try solve the issue. I'd also recommended upgrading to the latest version of our NavPi software which can be found here. Kind regards, Matt
  5. navpi wont boot on raspberry pi 3 B?

    Hi guys, Is this happening on the boot screen of the Raspberry Pi? To verify it's not a hardware issue could you try booting your RaspPi with another image, like standard Raspbian? You can get Raspbian here. If you're not on the latest image Goosey, you can get it from here under the RaspberryPi section near the bottom. Kind regards, Matt
  6. NavPi time and date problem

    Thanks for linking that article @szycha77. I'll also note here that we have a new version of the NavPi software which you can find here. If you guys are still having issues let me know. Kind regards, Matt
  7. Navpi help needed

    Hi guys, Looks like things might have been solved so I'm going to lock this thread. Send me a message if this is not the case. Kind regards, Matt
  8. Unable to send from stakebox

    Hi Jhawk, Just going to lay out a few suggestions and questions. Are you unlocked for just staking or fully unlocked when you try to send coins? Have you tried restarting your NavPi? You could also try locking your wallet and then unlocking it. Let me know if this helps or not and we can investigate further if needed Kind regards, Matt
  9. Electrum NAV 3.6.0

    Hi Blocker, There is a bug with the Electrum wallet in which it will show transaction times as "Not Verified". Just ignore this. Kind Regards, Matt
  10. Staking Box does not stake=1 after mining first block.

    @NavCoinUser First make sure you're up to date with the latest version of NavPi, there have been a few changes since September. Among the fixes are some GUI bugs. @HTN_3 If your stake hasn't been added to your running total it's likely it was staked on an Orphan block and thus has been discarded by the block chain. These things happen from time to time. Kind regards, Matt
  11. Glad you got it sorted, locking this thread now that the issue has been resolved. Kind regards, Matt
  12. Balance NOT VERIFIED - after 8 days

    Hi jaap2017, See my reply here in this thread: Are you sure you're unable to send coins? Can you double check by trying to send using "NAV" as a unit instead of "mNAV"? Kind Regards, Matt
  13. Electrum wallet "Not Verified"

    Hi guys, There seems to be a bug with the Electrum wallet in which transactions will read "Not Verified", which seems pretty alarming. However, this is under the "date" column and seems to be some kind of time stamping issue, you should still be able to see the coins on the blockchain using an explorer and send coins from the wallet. If you have issues sending the coins, let me know. Kind Regards, Matt
  14. Disappearing funds

    Hi Ikrndna, Are the coins gone from your Polo account? In the past I've had delays with deposits on Polo (had to wait a few weeks) so I'm sure there is just a delay with your withdrawal. I'd advise contacting Polo support as this seems to be an issue on their side rather than ours. Kind Regards, Matt

    Hi macho112, To get coins from a paper wallet you just need to import the private key into the Core Wallet or the Coinomi wallet. If your paper wallet has been encrypted, the Coinomi will ask for the password to decrypt it. If you want to import into the Core Wallet you'll first have to decrypt the private key using https://paper.navcoin.org/. Let me know how that goes. Kind Regards, Matt