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    Thx, I'm fine. I was using the legacy Navcoin Android App which is not availabel in Playstore anymore. With the Coinomi BIP39 Website I was able to get my privatekey and I could import it into a NAV Core Wallet. Thx
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    Hi @natenmang When a staking transaction has the ? beside it, this means you produced what is called an orphan block. It happens when another wallet staked this block just before yours and was able to broadcast it out before your made it. This is normal and expected behavior in staking. Full explanation can be found here: https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/nav-coin-proof-of-stake-informational-guide-71c9c3417212 The coins involved in the orphan block did not lose any age, so the next time they stake, the reward will be slightly larger. Apart from these staking rewards, do you have the expected balance in your wallet after the update ? Thanks, Bocyaj.
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    I recently began staking but it doesn't seem to be actually staking. My navcoin core says "you are staking" but there is no estimate for the next reward and all my navcoins are available for use in the balance. So am I really staking?
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    @xbnxrx Instructions for exporting coins from electrum to a Core version wallet. @Hennie If the txid is not found on the block explorer, you will have to open a ticket with cryptopia to look into it. Thanks, Bocyaj.
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    I had the same problem for the last 12 to14hrs and it just went in. Try checking now and see if it is working.
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    Just letting everyone know, I followed the directions in this reddit post and was able to successfully import my electrum private key into navcoin core: https://www.reddit.com/r/NavCoin/comments/7l9efc/dirty_fix_for_electrum_wallet/ It’s a little bit technical - you have to install python and do some command line stuff, but not too difficult.
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    @xbnxrx we're currently working on a fix for the electrum wallet, I'll post here when it's done. @Hennie What kind of wallet did you send to? The core wallet? And when did you send it?
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    These support forums are pretty dead, where can a person contact to get help?
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    Please... somebody help those of us with coins stuck in electrum!
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