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    Hi Alvin, This is typically with crypto-currency wallets. Most anti-virus programs/databases are not aware of these wallet programs so default to flagging them as suspicious. They do not look at the code to analyze whether or not a real threat exists, they simply look at the filename. Since they are not well known applications, they get flagged. I have avast and can setup a 'safe zone' which is omitted from the anti-virus checks, or I can also disable the anti-virus protection for 10 minutes while I install it. This does increase how aware you must be though, ensure you download the wallet directly from https://navcoin.org/downloads/ Eventually if enough people send the application in for verification/analysis (avast gives me this option), they should stop flagging it as suspicious. Let us know if you run into any issues. Thanks, Bocyaj.
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    Hi Wereworfl, A few questions/suggestions to start: Have you tried restarting the NavPi? Is your NavPi running the latest version? If not, try to update it. Please also try locking and then unlocking the wallet. Kind Regards, Matt
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    No problem, happy to help. Bocyaj.
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    Hi gallorod82, I am not sure where all those error messages came from? I assume it was due to installing the wrong version (32bit vs 64bit), I assume those are gone now? As for the GUI, I am surprised the linked method didn't work for you as it helped everyone else in your situation, but glad you found a work around to get past it. Can you confirm that you are installing the latest version 4.0.6 ? I would try the following to see if it helps the GUI issue you are having: 1) BACKUP YOUR WALLET.DAT FILE !!! 2) move your blockchain data somewhere else and then delete your Navcoin4 folder in the APPDATA directory. 3) re-install the wallet ( there is never really a need to uninstall the software). 4) start the wallet and then close it after a few minutes. 5) move your blockchain data and wallet.dat back into the newly created Navcoin4 folder in the APPDATA directory. 6) start the wallet and cross your fingers. Sorry if these instructions sounds a bit foreign, but I get the idea you are familiar with this stuff. If not, just let me know and I will provide better instructions to get you through this. Thanks. Bocyaj.
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    Our friends over at NavTechServers.com have created many video and written tutorials to help guide you through using the Nav Coin products. You can check them out here: ttps://navtechservers.com/tutorials
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    Hi Hermis, Unfortunately we have no control over coinbase. If that is your preferred method for purchasing BTC, then please raise a support ticket with their staff. Otherwise, try a different BTC exchange. We are not selling coin bundles through the store at this point. Changelly is the preferred method if you wish to buy with Credit Card. If you have problems with their service, again, please raise a support ticket with their staff. I am in the process of migrating the store to the new webhost. Our previous provider's service has rapidly gone down hill over the last few weeks. Is your staking device online and unlocked for staking? Perhaps you need to reset the device. Try to turn it off and back on again. When you turn the device on, make sure you remember to unlock it for staking again. If a wallet is password protected, whenever a wallet starts it is locked by default. The web interface can report incorrectly that the wallet is unlocked for staking because the file it uses to store the wallet state doesnt get updated if your device restarts while unlocked, only when you perform an action like lock, or unlock. By your screen shot, i would say this is what is happening. Please unlock your wallet for staking every time you turn it on. Best, Craig.