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  2. I replied in the other thread regarding this
  3. I read in a post somewhere you need to threaten them somehow to get tickets addressed.. not saying that's advice, but sometimes you do what you need to do..
  4. Hi tej18, I followed up with this NAV Coin user. Same case (except with Bittrex exchange). Turned out it was an orphaned block and Bittrex refunded the money. You need to raise a ticket/follow-up with Changelly. Refer to:
  5. polo transactions are not prestigious and very uncomfortable, never respond to their tickets
  6. Last week
  7. Hi tej18, Have you emailed I assume you have synced the wallet completely, as it appeared in pending briefly. Turn off staking? Post your issue in the Reddit and Slack for support. That's where the active members are found.. Sorry, my technical knowledge here is limited.
  8. Hello devs, I'm afraid I'm fast losing faith in this project - the last few threads are all about missing NavCoins! I'm missing 300 coins myself and having chased Changelly, all I got was "talk to NavCoin team". Nobody expects technical support the moment an issue is raised but this is almost like hitting a dead end. Hope to hear soon and hope to find my an answer to my missing coins. Thanks
  9. 7 Days 11 Hours at poloniex... i expect a answer after 1 month
  10. I have a problem: my wallet opens, and then it doesnt show. I can see an icon in the tray on the right handside on the screen and it shows on the taskbar but when I try to approach it it just doesnt show/open. Read about others who had some diff as well. Tried rebooting, uninstalling, installing....nothing works. Tried the icon on the right handside > right click > show/hide....that doesnt do anything as well. Does anyone have an idea what this might be? I also tried changing the screenresolution. Perhaps thta might do something....NO. Please help! Thnx
  11. Although a successful btc to nav exchange from changelly. the destination coinami wallet is unupdated.Coniami support is horrible not to mention they, haven't responded in 24hrs. my money cannot be tracked on navchain explorer. I even restored the wallet to see it helps but it didn't help. Their was an indication the funds were heading into my wallet in the unconfirmed phase but that also disappeared.absoulety shattered how to proceed with matter
  12. I am facing the exact issue I made a btc to nav exchange on changelly to my coinami mobile wallet...changelly has told it is successful from their side but coinami has not updated my funds....worst part coinami support is terrible no response in 20hrs I had to create a new caller line this is a high handedness from their side.What should I do now ??
  13. I've already solve the problem with this article It's in Polish language. Translate it in google translator.
  14. I have the same exact probllem. When I log into the NavPi, I see the NAV GUI and all seems to work fine. The Next time I log in, I see that the Blocks are not updating. If I reboot the Nav Pi, the blocks catch back up to current and function properly until I log onto it again. Therefore, I cannot unlock the Wallet for Staking. I have found resources for updating the localisation settings from the command prompt, however they don't seem to save (even when confirming with a reboot). Please advise.
  15. Hello there. I set up my Pi3 with the nav image and everything went fine. I staked my first block earlier, which already has over 150 confirmations. The coins are available again, but in getstakeinfo staking is empty, where it should be staking=1. I have unlocked the wallet for staking and the software is up to date. Can you help me please?
  16. Hi! I've been staking my NAV Core 24/7, but the program crashes after a few days, resetting my staking estimation. This way, my computer does work, but never gets rewarded. Any ideas? I've changed my power settings to keep all hardware on when my laptop is plugged in. Any help would be appreciated!
  17. Hi Chana, I have Windows wallet version 4.0.4 - I upgraded it last night to v4.0.5 but still don't see the coins I had bought. Thanks for your help
  18. A ticket needs to be raised with Poloniex.
  19. i have the same issue since i transferred a anonymous transaction to my 2nd polo acc from NAVCore. just to proove it is reproduceable, i sent a 15NAV anon transaction to my Main polo acc. &nothing arrived
  20. I turn NAV into polo has 24 hours and does not receive, check in blockchain it quote like this: Outputs Index Redeemed in Address Amount 0 de75487d8a873df1 ... NWEjkmUXVTVxe18cSxmbpYwE6vKPb4PmYM 10,000.0 NAV 1 Not yet redeemed NaG6HjkcrN3fHUgcBCvfsR9uoqSpCdg55x 0.23545657 NAV Someone help me with, and I have lost it? Thank you
  21. Hi RandyT, I recommend bringing this up in the official NAV slack channel
  22. All good - that's normal to show "1 year and 20 weeks behind" . Be patient - it's syncing! Depending on your internet speed, it may take from a couple of hours to maybe a day or two
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