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  3. I can not send my NAV

    Hi @Kaze You will need to update your wallet to the latest versino; 4.1.1. Instructions here: https://navtechservers.com/navcore-4-1-x/ Thanks, Bocyaj.
  4. I can not send my NAV

    I have NAV on my balance but I can not send them. In the past I try to send but it said some error there, and after I re-login I can not do anything with my balance. Please help
  5. navpay desktop wallet privatekey import

    Hi @Yithak Correct, the wallet.dat contains the private keys for all your addresses and thus contains what you need to restore your wallet from scratch. See instructions found here to restore the wallet.dat file: https://navtechservers.com/tutorials/written-tutorials/#NavCore "Restore Backup (wallet.dat) Thanks, Bocyaj.
  6. no coins in my wallet

    Hi @MarcR I would take a guess that this is just a matter of your wallet not being in sync with the network. the Core wallet needs to download/synchronize all the blocks in order for your balance to be displayed properly. Please let me know if you are still having issues. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  7. NavCore invisible

    Good find @iggiafrica I will certainly not delete this post as others have experienced similar issues and some were never able to find a solution. If the solution is indeed this simple, that is awesome. Let me know if this ended up happening again after you restarted the wallet or your computer. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  8. NEED HELP!!! is it a bug?

    Hi @wing, Lets take a step back here. Can you please confirm that you are currently running on wallet version 4.1.1 ? If not, lets get your wallet upgraded first. I suggest that you follow these instructions: https://navtechservers.com/navcore-4-1-x/ Summary ( from my understanding ): TX #1: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/tx.dws?f3ffbf5dc3106fa7fc7efbbbe9b56d2d0dd979611947aa8caf7863dbc0d54c59.htm here you sent 1 NAV to your bittrex wallet (NXKvEkkBsjWN7Sz74jBGdr5J3yU7D6KYxj) and the change of 1158 NAV went to another address in your wallet (NZBEdCrWzNiRiVx5kcN3w7NHrEAXXJac2t) * these coins still reside at this address. TX #2: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/tx.dws?abbb82ffeecc2d27182b87cd153a7943947c40741b8155e29f51be164e000a4d.htm here you sent 900 NAV to your bittrex wallet (NXKvEkkBsjWN7Sz74jBGdr5J3yU7D6KYxj) and the change of 149 NAV wnt to another address in your wallet (NRzG2zPYwjHSchmqEcWh2Z6pkvkwktpkBw) * these coins still reside at this address. The problem: It seems your wallet does not control the two addresses; NZBEdCrWzNiRiVx5kcN3w7NHrEAXXJac2t and NRzG2zPYwjHSchmqEcWh2Z6pkvkwktpkBw Please correct me if I am wrong here. Follow up questions: 1) Have you ever had to restore your wallet.dat for any reason ? 2) Can you try the following commands in the console of your wallet: (you will have to unlock your wallet first) - dumpprivkey NZBEdCrWzNiRiVx5kcN3w7NHrEAXXJac2t - dumpprivkey NRzG2zPYwjHSchmqEcWh2Z6pkvkwktpkBw 2a) if you get a private key in return, this means you own those addresses and they should show up in your list of old address. 2b) if you get an error in return, go to the 'Receive' address tab and click 'list old addresses'. Click the 'New' button, followed by clicking 'ok' in popup window, this will generate a new address in your wallet. Do this 5-10 times to see if one of the above addresses is generated for you. 3) when you sent these coins, did you use the custom change address feature ? highlighted below: conclusion: There is certainly no bug in the software that would cause your coins to go missing like this, we just need to figure out what happened. What does confuse me however is the fact that you have two entries for "To:" and "Debit:" in your transaction details as highlighted below: (none of my tx's have this) Are all your other transactions showing this as well ? Thanks, Bocyaj.
  9. Navcoin Wallet to Bittrex

    I sent 390 NAV Coins from my Navcoin Wallet to Bittrex on 30.12.17 and nothing has arrived yet. If I control the transaction, then I see no transaction there. In the wallet, the transmission is displayed yes, but at Bittrex never arrived. How can I control this or how can I get the coins? Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool Date: 30.12.17 08:28 To: NZ…………………………………TKJHFTFC Debit: -390.87614397 NAV Transaction fee: -0.00016760 NAV Net amount: -390.87631157 NAV Transaction ID: f4cd152d85c79a17041cbe1eb69289448b1f0ada936fd4560736c46522dc9eda Output index: 0
  10. Hi @Lupan More than happy to help ! It is very prudent of you to ensure that you fully understand the backup/restore process before sending coins into your wallet. For anyone else reading this, please ensure you do the same. There is no undo button or reset password process to use in crypto. 1) the wallet.dat file is not a plain text file. It is a HEX file with a lot of unused bits inside of it. You can use a HEX editor to view it in somewhat readable format (if you can read HEX that is). Within this file is all the private keys associated with your wallet. NOTE: the private keys contained within could be encrypted if you have set a passphrase on your wallet, which fully secures your funds even if someone steals your wallet.dat. 2.1) This is true, there could be malware on a computer that monitors keystrokes. By monitoring your key strokes, your encryption password could be obtained. This same warning goes for all programs on your computer. It is always advised to have a current and up to date Anti Virus software installed. I also highly suggest looking at a paid version to get all the extra features, personally I use Avast, but would suggest you do your own research into which one would work best for you. 2.2) NavCoin has a feature on it which makes it an HD wallet. Essentially, this changes the way addresses are generated within your wallet. Each time the HD wallet generates a new public/private key-pair, it does so using the masterprivkey. What this does is ensure that all future addresses generated from the HD wallet will be the same. For example, lets say you take a backup of your wallet.dat, then afterwards proceed to generate 1000 addresses within it. Then, your computer crashes and you need to re-install the OS and import the backup you took initially. Your wallet would no longer have those 1000 newly generated addresses, but if you went ahead and generated 1000 addresses again, they would be EXACTLY the same 1000 addresses that you generated before the PC crashed. So in a nutshell; masterprivkey = the key to generate ALL future privatekeys (this is obtained via dumpmasterprivkey) privatekey = a key to restore access to a single given address within a wallet ( this is obtained via 'dumpprivkey <public address>') Another thing (which I just learned BTW) is that the master private key inherits the encryption passphrase set on your wallet.dat. Private keys do not have this ability as they are always un-encrypted. I assume by the "before unlock" and "after unlock" , you're referring to before and after encrypting the wallet. If your wallet is encrypted and locked, you will be asked to enter unlock the wallet using the walletpassphrase command first. When you encrypt your wallet with a passphrase, you were prompted with a message indicating that all previous backups would become obsolete (except for individual private keys as they are not encrypted). Hopefully this has cleared up your concerns and questions, but feel free to ask any further if needed. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  11. Nous french'y

    Bonjour , alors ici il n'y a pas grand communité en French !!!!! Bien dommage , c'est la seul langue que je parle !!!!, . Ciao
  12. Paraphrase non reconnue

    Bonjour , Je me présente , je m'appel Pascal et je Gère la Team RiriCoinCoin ( Surtout Mining , mais aussi Investment , Trade , Claim , Bitcoin , Cryptocurrency ) Je suis venu voir ceux que c'était ici , et surtout si il y avait community actif in french'y !!! Des informations ? du nouveau ???? a l'écoute ???? Bonne nuit , ciao
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  14. navpay desktop wallet privatekey import

    Im confused now.. SO its better to encrypt and save that .dat file on a hardware device, and if i install a wallet on another pc i just put this dat file in the appdata ? or during installation do i need to select import an old wallet ? Thank you for your time ~!
  15. no coins in my wallet

    Hi, I recently bought navcoins on binance, I have transferred the coins on my Nav coin core wallet (last version). my balance is 0. I checked the address several times, which is correct, the transition is confirmed on the blockchain. I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me?
  16. 12 Word Phrase Not Working

    Hello, My 12 word phrase is not working for recovery. Are there any common reasons for this happening? Suggestions? My other phone died and so now they are just locked up on a dead phone.
  17. Hello, I made a transfer of 112.8 NAV COIN from my Bittrex account to my Cryptopia account (deposit address NRtAAxZPdE2nYcGfw4QpeRC7nEka2FcGyt). You can find the transaction here : https://chainz.cryptoid.info/nav/tx.dws?e1cedf8f06881eb8c5a955da419b7491ca690cf16ee3335860479ffcdafed53b.htm You can see that the transfer is inside it, but nothing appeared in my account. It stays in "Not yet redeemed". In bittrex it's as withdrawal complete. What is happening ?
  18. Navcoin Paper Wallet - new user questions

    Thank you IfaqYurmaman.
  19. Using Navcoin on a website

    Thank you Vlad, I will. Cheers
  20. NavCore invisible

    Got it figured out. Had to minimize and maximize the window. Finally popped up. Please delete post if possible. Thank you and I apologize.
  21. NavCore invisible

    I have read the sticky. I have searched the forum. I have windows 8.1 64bit. I downloaded NavCore 4.1.1. The interface worked for a moment. I closed the window, reopened it, and it shows "Loading Block Index..., Rewinding Blocks...Done" in a smaller window. After about 30 seconds, the window dissapears completely. I have tried Shift+Move, unsuccessful. I have tried Cascade Windows, and all windows cascade with the exception of NavCore. Not sure if i'm doing something wrong here? Have restarted the computer several times, as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It was open long enough for me to get a public key to send a test of 2 NAV to. Not sure if that was recieved or not even. I just want the window to come up.
  22. NEED HELP!!! is it a bug?

    hi @bocyal I have been opened up the 'coin control' window form i update my wallet, but that address is not in it.. Can you report this problem to the engineer ? I just what to get back my lost coin....If it is a bug please Improve it as soon as possible!
  23. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about investing in NavCoin and so I'm also testing the core wallet. Also, I've come up with some questions: 1- I saw in tutorial that just after creation the wallet.dat file has the privatekey in plain text, and so it needs encryption. However, I created a new test wallet and tryed opening right away the wallet.dat file with notepad, but the file is unreadable with things like "tœ ¨¬8<<@PTtx\ÄøÄ,ø`,”`È”üÈ0ü". How can this be plain text? 2- After this, I used the dumpmasterprivkey command on debug console and retrieved the privatekey. Than, I locked the wallet. 2.1- Upon locking, the wallet showed an alert telling that the encryption by itself does not protect from malware. What does this mean? What other sort of protections I need that? Antivirus ? 2.2- Whats the difference between dumpmasterprivkey and dumpprivkey ? 2.2- After locking the wallet, I unlocked it with the walletpassphrase command and used dumpmasterprivkey, but for my surprise the private key differed from the unlocked version: Before unlock: xprv9s21ZrQH143K3LAAN6NXJJpNFHBMqpgXAmjSmXPrW1XjQrsirMCDDjXTUw3YwWMvx4qzwrXaBLA5AxpFBiu5Yw7MbcxUZcL9JgoHwGMTS17 After unlock: xprv9s21ZrQH143K3hxWfSsvW6mMDjKuBVzhPdpwjmkDQNhY7L9Ycujrzw2XL988YtT7BrLV8hJzk1GGkfvBPxkgrkmnGg8NkPLwVMTqyvt17XD I though the locks would be the same, since the locking would just encrypt it, not change it. If I had coins before unlocking they would be lost I guess ? Sorry for all the newbie questions, Thanks
  24. Cryptopia Nav coin

    Hi Can you please give me update on when the NAV coin wallet on Cryptopia will be up and running again.? Your fast response would be greatly appreciated Steve
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  26. Issue with Staking payment

    Hi @ethanedison Is your issue that you are not recieving regular intervaled staking rewards ? The wallet is desinged to be simple, the wallet ways you are staking, so your wallet is indeed staking. I understand there could be improvements as in having something in the wallet explain what an orphan block is, which might and most likely will be added in a future release. (we get a lot of questions about these) Staking is different between coins, like with NEO, I believe you get regular rewards daily and your coins don't need to be online. I will admit that i don't fully understand how that works, but the way Nav coin has implemented staking makes sense to me. You only get rewarded when you secure or help the network. A wallet that is not even online is unable to verify transactions or do anything helpful. I believe Nav has a perfect balance between users and stakers, if the stakers are making too much, it is simply devaluing the coins for everyone with no benefit. Staking rewards will be received in large differing intervals, this may seem annoying or confusing, but it is this design that gives everyone (even the little) guys a fair chance at staking a block. Just as in POW mining, it could take 1 day to mine a block one week and the next week I dont understand how or why an offline wallet would generate rewards ? an offline wallet is not doing anything to secure the network/blockchain, so why should it recieve rewards ? yes it might be nice for the users who don't have to do anything, but what does it do for the longevity of the coins. Stakers and miners alike, need to perform a task in order to earn rewards or the system has holes and wont last ( in my opinion). I put together a staking guide a while back, which might help you further understand what is going on under the hood: https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/nav-coin-proof-of-stake-informational-guide-71c9c3417212 Although not as good of a read, this article might be of interest as well: https://medium.com/@bocyaj2012/what-makes-a-blockchain-strong-and-why-i-think-nav-coin-excels-at-it-6a2424762466 If you have any further questions, please let me know. EDIT: forgot to ask, but what is it in particular you like about the other wallets you find easier ? Nav coin is always looking to make it better and easier, so your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  27. Issue with Staking payment

    are you tweeting updates and the issues you have? I follow you on twitter for a long time and have a community of people that follow me. I also have a large community that follows me in my city. I have been patient for one month now since I decided to try your wallet and stake. Also another wallet to play with is ARK --dPOS and an easy GUI
  28. Hi @Zuk This is typical with most crypto wallets, as long as you can confirm you downloaded from the official site, then it is safe. As you can see it shows hundreds of users have used this file before. You should be abler to temporarily disable symantec for the install and/or setup a safe zone where the executable files are located. Thanks, Bocyaj.
  29. Issue with Staking payment

    I agree with @natemang. I am staking 5 other coins and the wallets are better interfaces such as: they communicate better to the wallet holder as to what is going on inside the wallet and staking. Easy to understand!! @NAV dev team---i HIGHLY recommend you review what Komodo (agama wallet) and NEO wallet (which is VERY GOOD and easy GUI). even CLOAK coin is better than NAV wallet. Come on guys. I believe in you but you need to step up your game. I know my issues are not me. When I am staking I should be seeing the 24Hour counter showing staking rewards. if you dont have this implemented in your wallet I HIGHLY recommend you do this.
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